Focus on Success

Focus on this. Our scattered minds, I’ve read somewhere, process something in the region of fifty thousand thoughts every day. That’s fairly spread out and assuming a waking day of sixteen hours, makes on average, in the region of three thousand one hundred and twenty five thoughts every hour.

We may think we are focused when we watch television for example, because the passive act of watching sends our brainwaves into an alpha state. But this is not always so. Since the alpha state is conducive to absorbing huge amounts of information subconsciously the media quite understandably makes good use of this to bombard us with intermittent advertisements, shattering our concentration and sending our thoughts in all directions.

Most of us cannot focus unaided on one thing for more than three minutes. Similarly it is impossible to focus fully on more than one thing at a time. Try these two simple exercises to see how good your focus is.

Clear the table and place one small item such as a pen or an apple in front of you. Concentrate solely on that item and time yourself. Notice how long it took for an unrelated thought to creep in.

Then double the items, for instance two pens or two apples placed closely side by side. Concentrate your focus first on one, then the other. Then attempt to focus fully on both items and you will see you cannot maintain the sharp engaged clarity on both at the same time because now your attention is divided, even though the items are very close together.

This of course is the reason why visualization doesn’t work for so many people and they give up. The human brain can be reprogrammed in three to four weeks, depending on the individual. but razor sharp focus is needed for at least fifteen minutes each day.

Our busy focus is the reason we seem to experience such zig-zag lives: up one day and down the next forever at the mercy of our never ending thoughts.

Luckily mind machines are available for those wishing to experience the total stillness of going ‘within’, reclaiming control of the thought process and engaging their focus on the destiny they want….. but that, as they say, is another story.


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