The Law of Attraction works everywhere and at all levels including the gross physical that we experience on a daily basis.Ok so we know birds tend to stick with other birds and swans don't hang around much with ducks but what about humans?

Note how everyone in the universe organizes themselves into groups and spaces where they feel the most comfortable. We feel most at ease with those whose energy vibration most resonates with ours and we experience temporary discomfort when, for whatever reason, we find ourselves in the company of people who vibrate at a different level.


The universe and everything in it consists of a living tapestry of perfectly ordered vibrating energy from which we form our surroundings through focus and attention. No matter where you look, like attracts like and our entire social order is based on this principle whether we perceive it or not.

In fact the concept of like attracts like is so compelling that we can become distraught even at the prospect of an unwanted sudden forced shift of consciousness. Those on the brink of losing their financial fortune have been known to commit suicide rather than endure the overwhelming loss of face and humiliation of living side by side with the ‘have not’s’.

A community structure will break down if for example a violent, loud and aggressive family moves into a hitherto quiet neighbourhood where the residents are like-minded kindred spirits respectful of each other’s privacy and space.

At this point it should be renamed the Law of Distraction because we are quite plainly driven to distraction by the invading disharmony and distruption. But that’s also the time we begin to experience fear and worry. Our children are no longer safe, our homes are in danger of being vandalised, property prices will devalue etc. Suddenly there is danger lurking round every corner and we start to envisage or visualize the worst.

As other close neighbours experience the same strong negative emotions it sets in motion a powerful collective group consciousness, where mind power actually compounds the vibrations of fear and worry which will guarantee to attract yet more of the same.

Those who have the means will move away leaving behind those who cannot to suffer the energetic imbalance now taking place. Since all outward disease begins with disharmony at the inner or mental level and manifests as physical illness at the extreme outward stage, it is small wonder that people who feel trapped, whether it’s in their homes, jobs or financial circumstances, begin manifesting disease.

This may seem so blindingly obvious that it’s taken for granted by all of us, but it’s a perfect illustration of how the Law of Attraction works both at a personal and Universal Mind level. If we observe how it operates at the gross physical field of our senses, where we can actually see it playing out, we can perhaps better understand that it works in exactly the same way where it originates, at the subconscious level.

The media is big business nowdays and plays a large part in grabbing our attention and causing many of us to focus excessively on crime, corruption and other destructive human activities, inviting horrors that we really do not want in our lives. Yet no one else owns or is responsible for our thoughts and once we know about the Law of Attraction we can use our free choice instead, to direct the powerful energy of our emotions toward the life we want.

Law of Attraction Part 2 - How it Works



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