Lucid Dreams

I believe the following would be described as lucid dreams although at the time I had no idea whatsoever what a lucid dream was or even that such a thing existed. The description of the ‘dreams’ does no credit at all to the actual experience of expanded consciousness that I found myself in.

At the time I had been experimenting with homeopathic remedies. Although perfectly healthy, I had read many books on the effect of the higher dilutions of homeopathy on the mind and being intrigued decided, out of sheer curiosity, to try out Nat. Mur in the cm potency on myself. Some might say it was coincidence, but looking back, I am convinced that my ad hoc experiment had a part to play in what became from then on, a fairly regular experience, occurring sometimes every three to four weeks apart and other times on consecutive days.

A sudden awareness came over me and there I was looking down at the most beautiful scene imaginable. The first thing I remember thinking was how wonderfully empowered I felt. Everything was bright and sunlit although I did not have any sense of shadows. There were groups of people sitting by a large flowing river with children running about and playing happily.

I could make out the brilliance of each little pebble and I could see so clearly the detail on each item of clothing and all this seemed so natural to me. When I turned my attention to the river it came into my mind to fly. In a split second I was above the river and flying along head first. Ahead of me in the far distance I could see a bridge with many people on it. Some were looking down at the water while others were just standing and talking or simply crossing over. Again, although they were some way away I was aware of the intricate detail of each individual, the hair colour and fine stitching on jackets and dresses and the colours were so truly brilliant that I cannot begin to describe them with words.

In a few moments I flew up to the bridge and passed like a wisp through the parapet and through several people without ever disturbing them and carried on along in the direction of the river. As I rose higher the trees below became denser and further and further away but I felt carefree with a great sense of calm.

Then I suddenly understood that I was dreaming and in that moment of excitement and awareness of the realization of what I was doing, I awoke in my bed. I lay there in the darkness for some little while with this exhilarating feeling of well being, wondering what had happened and wishing that I could go back.

The second lucid dream happened three weeks later after arriving home from a long shift at work. I had decided to unwind with a meditation tape. The whole point of meditation is to stay awake during the alpha/theta state, but being tired I must have drifted into sleep. On this occasion the setting of the lucid dream was totally different but the vivid clarity was exactly as before and this time had the definite advantage in that I knew I had returned to a special place of altered awareness.

The first thing I noticed was a rapidly expanding consciousnes. Everything seemed to be expanding and at the same time I was walking across what appeared to be the wing of a giant craft suspended in space. As I walked toward a figure standing in the distance I could see the glorious beauty of the heavens all around me with some stars vividly standing out from others. I distinctly knew that I could go anywhere I wanted.

Now this is the strange bit. I was so happy and thought ‘wow it’s great, I’m doing it again’. I felt exhilarated because of being able to do this. Although I could not see the whole craft I knew it was very large and I was just walking on one tiny part. It was made of something with such brilliance as is hard to describe although it did not hurt my eyes to look at. Silver but not shiny, but then it was not dull silver either, rather it had a kind of glowing luminosity.

I knew I was walking in space but at the same time it felt quite normal and natural. I came closer to the individual standing still and took out a packet of cigarettes from my pocket. No words were spoken but it was understood that I was asking for a light. No matches or lighters were used but suddenly the tip of the cigarette glowed a bright red in stark contrast to the dark blue of the sky and silver of the craft. I had no feelings either way about smoking being good or bad, just an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

It's obvious that this kind of dream is not the ordinary dreaming state One very noticable aspect of lucid dreaming is the feeling of well being that lingers for several days. And once you've experienced a lucid dream you will never forget it.

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