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Financial Freedom | Online Success

You can have financial freedom | financial freedom has never been easier

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Depression - The Food Connection

some common additives that cause depression

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weight-loss science | easy weight loss

weight-loss - the new science

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Contribute to Mind Power

Would you like to share your knowledge about mind power? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Soy - The Gender Bender

Is soy protein causing infertility?

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Daydreaming Bliss

Daydreaming lifts your spirits renews your energy

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Law of Attraction, Mediation and Manifesting Wealth Links

Law of Attraction, Meditation and Manifesting Wealth Links

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Astonishing facts about Mind Power and Consciousness

Get the life you want. What your consciousness and mind power can do for you to achieve Happiness Harmony and Prosperity through meditation and visualisation

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Aspartame - A Neurotoxin

Aspartame is a nerve toxin and can cause a wide range of health problems

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The Salt of Life

Absolutely essential mineral salt for life

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Wakefield,MMR and Science Ignored

The character assassination of Dr Wakefield

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The Price of Fluoride in your Water

Too Much Fluoride || The Big Deception

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Mind Power Magic | Use the Amazing Power of Your Mind

Use your astonishing mind power to achieve success in your life

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Mind Altering Water

First of all we are told by Alan Johnson the Health Secretary that he wants every family in the UK to have fluoride added to their tap water.

This despite the rapidly accumulating evidence from the USA, where the devastating result of adding sodium fluoride to water supplies is becoming more apparent by the day.

There is no valid evidence that fluoride added to water supplies prevents caries in children's teeth. On the contrary there is mounting evidence that it actually harms teeth. Perhaps if that was the only outcome the authorities could be forgiven for having got it so wrong. In fact far worse things are coming to light from secret documents now released .The fluoride used in water supplies is a highly toxic waste product left over from the aluminium and fertilizer industry.Sodium fluoride is listed as a class 2 poison and is used to kill rats. Sodium fluoride shortens life span. It promotes cancers and mental disturbances.It prohibits proper function of the thyroid gland leading to obesity and hormonal problems. It is a major component of Prozac and other tranquilizers.It lowers the IQ of children.It was used by Stalin in the gulags and Hitler in the concentration camps because it makes people stupid, compliant and extremely docile.

And they want to put it in our drinking water? Studies in the UK and USA show adding fluoride to water causes a seven-fold increase in osteosarcoma (fatal bone cancer) in young males between ages 9 - 19. This one thing alone does suggest deliberately adding cancer-causing chemicals to the entire public water supply of millions of people might be seen as criminally negligent.

But the water companies, anticipating trouble ahead, have negotiated indemnity from lawsuits by the public. In other words, we would have to sue the government.

At the same time the The London Evening Standard, along with a few other media outlets has, coincidentally? been promoting a huge campaign for tap water to be made available in all restaurants and coffee bars and together with government propaganda, is urging the population not to buy bottled spring water.

I think they're trying to kill us off.

Forget tap water, I've bought myself a water distiller and a huge supply of organic trace minerals.

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Medication Pollution

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Cosmic Ordering

Make cosmic ordering work for you by using meditation

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BBC Propaganda Lies - Part I

The following is an article from the website of PrisonPlanet.com written by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet Monday, November 12, 2007

Now, my question is this. Why do I have to go to an American website to discover what is going on with a leading broadcaster in the UK? Hello? Where's our news? -----------------------------------------------

'The BBC could be forced to apologize and admit mass public deception for airing a documentary on the 9/11 truth movement that was clearly riddled with errors, lies and bias, as the scandal-hit corporation desperately squirms to avoid a potential court case brought by a British scientist. John A. Blacker, a qualified physicist & mechanical engineer and a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice, is currently engaged in a pre-action protocol with the BBC in an attempt to settle out of court and get an apology from the broadcaster as well as a guarantee that the program will never be shown on television again. In a letter to the BBC, Blacker cites a catalogue of errors, distortions and outright lies that were contained in the program, arguing that the documentary is an insult to those that lost their lives on 9/11. "The Conspiracy files team spoke to and recorded the testimony of many eyewitnesses, fire fighters, police officers, and public high witnesses, plus also officialdom high witnesses and had access to written testimony from many high witnesses via official sites on the WWW," writes Blacker. "YET NOT ONE SINGLE HIGH WITNESS WAS PRESENTED IN THE DOCUMENTARY TO PUT THE TRUTH PERSPECTIVE," he adds. "The Conspiracy Files Documentary was a work of Total Public deception from start to end, perfectly crafted to stealthily deceive and forward nothing which was conclusive either one way or the other, in other words, perfect propaganda YELLOW journalism by stealth, omission & deception," Blacker concludes, after citing dozens of examples of bias, fraud and agenda-driven presentation.

Click below for - Part II

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