Online Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the one underlying thing everyone is looking for. Imagine the ultimate Nirvana - work when you want, where you want or have a day off whenever you want.

There are many opportunities available online and some people have made huge fortunes, others are making a very nice living and have given up their regular job, some are beginning to get there, and more people every day are still trying to figure out the best way to start.

I've had quite a few conversations with people looking for ways to earn money online and some of the ideas they came up with were quite alarming. There are many clever scams with only one aim in mind - to part you from your money, and they can catch you out if you're unaware.

Other schemes such as MLM (multi level marketing) are misleading as their blurb makes it sound easy with illustrations of how you can achieve an income of millions within a few months. This would be true if only your website had a huge mailing list of hundreds of thousands of opted-in subscribers. Webmasters with a high ranking on the search engines are generally very protective of their hard earned reputation and take great care to ensure the products they promote are of value to visitors to their site.

The HYIP (high yield investment programs) world is expanding at a rapid rate and is tempting to people looking to make fast money. The fast road to financial freedom it is not. Most of these are ponzi's. Named after Charles Ponzi who, in 1920 set up a variation of the pyramid scheme. HYIP's pay out to new investors with the money recieved from older investors. This is fine so long as people keep investing. But with an average investment rate of five percent return per day it only takes for one (over optimistic) investor to drop a large amount of money into the scheme for the return ratio to collapse.

Then typically, the program hits problems and stops paying out and the latest to deposit lose their money big time. If you're ever tempted to invest in HYIP's get in early and get your money out fast and don't reinvest. Treat it like a game. That way you could make some money but it's a nerve wracking business never knowing when the plan will fold.

Financial freedom can be found, but be sensible and realize that anything worthwhile always has a sound foundation.


Forex, or foreign exchange trading is becoming increasingly popular and is a rock solid genuine way of generating extra cash if you apply all the fundamental rules. It does take some application to learn but for online earnings it's hard to beat. I don't do it every day but it has already allowed me the financial freedom to reduce the work hours in my regular job. And the extra bonus is - it's completely tax free in the UK. Check out some resources here

Building and promoting your own website is a tried and tested way to earn money online and can be fun. Basing your website on a favourite hobby or passion will nearly always lead to success as long as you are prepared to put some effort into it. Instead of having a high street shop with all the overheads and physical effort relying on passing trade you can have instant visitors from all over the world.

It will not be overnight rags to riches but then it's like any business, you have to build on it. The differenceis you can work on it at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Nearly everyone is knowledgable about something. From gardening to pets, from writing articles to climbing mountains, art, beauty, cooking, you name it, someone knows about it and and someone else will be looking for it.

Why wait? The Universe is your playground. Make financial freedom your target now. Then test out the various possibilities best suited to your skills. You will surprise yourself.



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