Love and Money

What’s love got to do with it?

Money makes the world go round right? When I have enough money…then I’ll be happy. How many times have you said that to yourself?

No, actually love makes the world go round. Everybody’s chasing money and looking for ways of getting more but missing out this vital ingredient will guarantee failure.

How does love equate to money?

The whole world out there that you see in front of you right now is nothing more than a projection of what you feel inside. Yes that’s right. Not only is it a projection of your feelings, but you have created it and are continuing to create even as you read this. Money is energy just like you, me and everything else. You can have all the money in the world and still be as miserable as sin.

If you doubt that, imagine if you will for a few moments that everyone you love, all your family, nearest and dearest and every friend you have or have ever known, are gone. Poof…whooosh… they’re suddenly taken away, passed on, dead, no longer in your world and you will never see or speak to them again in this life. You’re on your own and there’s not a single soul on planet earth who cares about you, what happens to you, or even knows you exist. Bleak isn’t it?

See how all your striving and hard work to get that elusive wealth that always seemed so vitally important, at one cruel stroke has become meaningless? The love factor has been blown away and there’s no one for you to care for, or anyone left who truly loves you.

Strip away all the ‘noise’ in your life, the worry about debt, the fear of failure, the deeply buried beliefs about unworthiness that obscure the real you, and serve only to block your quest for success, and take a look at life from different angle.

Love equals happiness

If you feel gratitude for the people you love and for those that love you, you will be on the path to understanding what actually brings happiness. Focus all your attention on giving and receiving love. Appreciate and be happy for all the love in your life because when everything is put into perspective, love and joy are the true creators of abundance. You can be happy right now. Prosperity will follow.

Love equals power

I guarantee there are not many parents who wouldn’t gladly give up every last material possession if only they could have back a deeply loved child. That’s awesome power.

Love is the great healer

Be kind to yourself and accept completely who you are. Don’t keep punishing yourself for any mistakes or imagined shortcomings. Each soul in this world is perfect, it’s just that we allow our judgemental ego to get in the way. What will it achieve if one year from now you are still beating yourself up? Your’re the only person who can forgive youself. No one else can do that for you. Let it go and move forward because love is the Life Force that keeps energy moving. Let it flow through you and manifest in everything you do in every area of your life.

Love is pure gold

Let you spirit soar as it was meant to because in the end there is nothing but love. Embrace it, pass it on and help someone else feel good about themselves. Use the incredible power of love and you will see how everything in the universe magically unfolds to bring you more prosperity and abundance than you could ever wish for.

Love what you do...ashtonishingly simple...find out now

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