Money - Be open to Receiving

Money can only buy you cannot buy you happiness because happiness is a state of mind

A certain kind of ruthlessness is required to amass large amounts of money or to be number one in a competitive field.

You may think you want to be number one but childhood conditioning ensures that for most of us anyway, conflicting messages will hold us back. Remember ‘I want never gets?’ How many times did you hear that one when you were young?. Or ‘Don’t push in front, wait your turn’.

So as adults we may ‘want’ to be rich or be the first in line but that ever present niggly little program running in the subconscious background means that we never quite feel we deserve it.

If you seriously want to be rich with a bottomless bank account you are going to have to remove the underlying belief that it’s somehow wrong or greedy for you to receive money.Look at it another way. Do you feel uncomfortable asking other people, even members of your own family for help? Particularly members of your own family maybe. Ninety five percent of all people do not like asking for help. Especially financial help. Having to ask for money somehow reinforces an already existing sense of failure and unworthiness.

But it explains why five percent of the world population own ninety five percent of all wealth. If you’ve ever taken part in collecting money for a charity perhaps you will know that standing at the exit of MacDonald’s will get you far more than shaking your tin on the steps of an expensive upmarket establishment with Lords and Ladies swishing past on the way to their limousine.

That is not to say that rich people don’t give, as indeed they do and in much bigger ways, but to illustrate that most of us, the ninety five percent destined forever to be dining at fast food outlets, are much happier giving than receiving, even though we do not possess much.

We have programmed ourselves to believe that it’s good and charitable to give, but we’ve flicked the firewall on when it comes to receiving. Then we wonder what has gone wrong when supplies dry up.

Yet it is this denial of being worthy to receive that lies at the core of our mental blueprint, rejecting and turning away all incoming traffic because that is what we have told it to do. The Universe is a vibrant energy dance of receiving and giving. When we block one aspect the flow dwindles and we experience lack.

The Money Diet will change your philosophy about money The subconscious mind makes no value judgements. It creates for us what we truly believe and feel motivated about. It doesn’t care if we feel happy about using money to buy weapons for killing or if we decide instead to give all our money to charity. That part of it is between your soul and God.

Open up to receiving. ‘Ask and it shall be given….’. Matthew 7:7-8

The mindset of success comes first...the money will follow

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