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Self help is entering a new era.

There is a huge body of evidence that cancer, even advanced cancer, and Alzheimers can be cured using alternative methods instead of the usual allopathic treatments of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery in the case of cancer, and traditional delaying drugs for Alzheimers.

If you suffer from poor health you need to know about these alternatives but the only place you will ever find the truth is from brave doctors who risk being labelled 'quacks' and put their livlihood on the line by going public with what they know.

Doctors may not make specific statements as to how food or any non-drug product can help to prevent or treat anything that has been classified as a disease without risk of prosecution.

Discover the horrifying truth about the pharmaceutical and food industries, that is costing millions of lives around the world.

How will you feel when you discover that there are many, many people deliberately trying to keep this information from reaching the general public!

Below is a list of self help resources which will be added to on a regular basis. You can help by spreading the word.


Find out what Mark Anastasi, from The LifeQuest Partnership and Dr. Robert O. Young, Microbiologist and Scientist have to say about Alzheimers and other degenerative conditions of the human body, and why the big pharmaceuticals will never want anyone to know this....

ALZHEIMERS Breakthrough by Mark Anastasi


Cancer patients deserve to know the you'll learn what the Cancer Industry is suppressing....

Step Outside the Box by Ty M Bollinger

Another excellent source of natural cancer cures...

The Most Effective Natural CANCER Remedies From Dr. Morton Walker.

The Truth About Cancer And How To Eliminate Sickness And Disease Naturally

Cancer and Health - It's all about the Cell by Dr. Mike Thompson!


Uncover The Natural Secrets To Improving Your Eyesight. This is based on the famous Bates method. I personally used Dr William Bates' technique some years ago and I can testify that it works. And by the way, glasses and contacts actually make your eyesight worse. Sign up for the free mini-course.

Secrets to Perfect Eyesight

"Changing the Way that the World Looks at the Internet!"

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