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Stress can lead to depression, insomnia, lack of confidence and a host of other problems.

Stress in our lives is the silent killer lurking in the background. The ever present demands of modern living mean that financial problems, job disatisfaction and family commitments make it impossible to relax and can result in feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Doctors have no answer to what is primarily a 'lifestyle' situation and simply hand out tranquilizers and 'happy' pills such as Prozac. These in turn lead to further stress in the form of addictions - not so happy after all!

How are you dealing with stress? If you're not dealing well with the underlying stress in your life you could make yourself susceptible to the end result of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Then of course, we know we're stressed so we feel more stress about being stressed.

It can be a vicious circle.

So what can you possibly do?

How about if you could experience a deep sense of peace?

What if you could easily reach a profound altered state of consciousness and feel totally relaxed?

The Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine from Mind a mind machine for the twentieth century and beyond. Designed to return your life to an oasis of calm tranquility and help you reprogram to a new level.

Combining light frequency harmonics with programmable sound pulses from 0-50hz the Proteus is used for meditation and deeply focused concentration, Proteus will take you to a deep shamanic state you never knew existed.

The Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine from Mind Modulations

All kinds of famous people already know about this technology and use it to their full advantage.

  • You can enhance your performance in any field
  • Improve your physical well being - all disease begins in the mind
  • Eliminate unwanted habits
  • Reach deep meditative theta states easily
  • Lift your emotional spirits
  • Experience sound sleep
  • Have more energy...and enjoy life

Say goodbye to stress and restore your emotional well being

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