Powerful Technique for Visualization

Visualization - Law of Attraction Part 3

You can learn this technique to visualize successfully very easily.

When you close your eyes the brain automatically goes into a predominantly alpha state. Watching a particularly riveting film on television or at the cinema for example causes our brain to flow into alpha/theta slow-wave state. Advertisers know this and they make full use of the technique to their advantage. By repeating the same adverts over and over again, they are confident their money has been well spent and sales will increase considerably.

These days very few people can afford the time to sit for long periods of time in complete peace without disturbance. Using this technique you will only need a few minutes each day. Start by finding a quiet and comfortable place to sit and choose a time you know you won’t be disturbed .

This powerful technique involves about half an hour of concentrated focus each day. Turn this focus into a strong vibrant emotion and your visualization will become a physical manifestation.

Close you eyes as this puts your brain into a predominantly alpha mode automatically.

The alpha bordering on theta brainwave state is ideal for visualization as this is the level at which the subconscious is most easily reprogrammed.

Take one or two minutes to relax and let go of all tension in your body. Take some deep breaths and put all your worries and fears aside for the time being.

Use headphones and listen to some relaxing music if it helps you to unwind, although this is not necessary if you’re happy without.

This example is for a new or larger home, even if you think this is way beyond your means, but can easily be adapted for any goal you may have.

Begin the visualization by affirming to yourself the goal you are going to reach. Imagine yourself having already achieved it and summon up as much emotion as possible about how you feel. It is not necessary to concern yourself with the price or where the money will come from. See it as a film with you as the director and central star really enjoying your new home.

Put in as much detail as you can. Building up the detail is important so if for example you’re visualizing for a new house, start by unlocking the front door and then walk through the whole house picturing your new furniture, seeing the colours, the texture of the carpet etc. Go into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee, smell the aroma, all the while observing as clearly as possible where everything is. You can make phone calls, hang pictures, invite friends, watch television, do absolutely anything you can imagine to make it your home. Make it as vivid and bright as you possibly can. Have yourself a party and enjoy it..

As this technique takes only a short duration of time it is quite easy to suspend and fears or doubts you may have. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between what you experience through your imagination and what is seeming reality to you. All things around us may appear to be solid but they are nothing but images in a holographic complex, accessed through the mind. The concept may be too mind boggling for us to grasp, but we don’t need to understand it. It just works..

If you have difficulty picturing rooms or colours, buy an upmarket property magazine. They often show pictures of the interior which will give you some good ideas to help you put together in your mind the ones you like best. You can always pick and mix and change around until you get the effect you want.

In the meantime it’s a very good idea to start de-cluttering and clearing out junk from the house you’re living in now. Pass on anything you don’t use by giving it to charity or selling it. Just as a stream stagnates if the water doesn’t flow, so our lives stagnate if we hold onto everything instead of making room for new things and experiences.

Take good care of the home you’re in now just as you will your new house. Leave good energy for the next people who move in, because nourishing and being grateful for what you already have will ultimately result in you having much more to be thankful for.

For the first few days of using this technique you may notice yourself feeling that what you are visualizing is an impossible dream. This is normal because your subconscious is learning to adjust. Simply ignore any such doubts and carry on. After a short while the resistance will disappear and your optimism will actually rise to the point where your rational everyday consciousness believes it is fully possible.

Because we live in a ‘time and space’ universe rarely does anything happen instantaneously. Be prepared to start noticing seemingly random events and take action as the energy currents begin to move and evolve. Be open to any new ideas that come into your mind and be aware of ‘gut feelings’ or intuitions and follow up anything that feels good, however unrelated to your goal it may seem..

Leave the ‘how’ up to the universe.

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