Successful Visualization and Subconscious Programs

How we use visualization determines what we experience on the outside in our perceived physical world. Since we all think about something all the time we are unwittingly creating and recreating everything all our waking life.

It’s easy enough to say ‘change your thoughts and you will change your life’. And I’ve spoken to many people who have said ‘well I changed what I think about and I keep doing all the visualization but nothing’s happening, in fact I’ve become more despondent and instead of life getting better it has actually got worse’.

Visualization does work. It even works if you don’t believe it at a conscious level. But we are where we are because the deep unconscious beliefs we hold determine our thoughts whether we like it or not and our subconscious will always be true to our beliefs. If we then contradict those beliefs by saying ‘I’m a millionaire’ a hundred times every day, we will experience a kick back from a little voice inside which says ‘hang on a minute, you can’t even pay your rent this month. You’re suffering from serious lack mate’.

We acquire most of our hard-wired beliefs as youngsters. Alpha/theta brainwaves are predominant in children up to the age of approx fourteen in both boys and girls. As the alpha/theta state is ideal for learning and recall it is no wonder that what we experience during those years stays with us into adulthood.

By the time we reach adulthood we have learned to hide our insecurities with all sorts of subterfuges. If say, we are unduly shy about meeting new people we do no longer hide behind our partner as we might have hidden behind our mother’s skirt as children. Instead we put on a bright cheery smile with a confidence we perhaps do not feel inside, because it’s understood to do otherwise is not socially acceptable. We also become very clever, even without realizing, at avoiding certain situations that we instinctively know will be challenging.

As time goes by we can become so adept at this game we almost end up fooling ourselves into believing we really are an outgoing and confident individual and this will merrily continue as long as we are never forced to venture outside the well defined and firmly established subconscious boundaries.

The Sins of the Fathers…..etc may be an old biblical citation but we do find some truth there. Playground bullies have frequently been bullied or abused at home. Children parcelled around from one foster home to another may find it hard to bond leading to failed relationships in adulthood. Paedophiles often suffered sexual abuse themselves when very young.

As children living in an apartment block my mother always insisted on us playing quietly ‘so as not to disturb the neighbours’. Whether it was for her own benefit, God Bless her, or whether she really was concerned about the neighbours I do not know. But it was such a strict rule that to this day I catch myself worrying about making too much noise, even if there is no one for miles around.

Understanding why things won’t happen the way you want gets you a lot nearer your goal. But don’t waste a lot of time agonizing over the past. That’s like getting an IT expert in to take a look at your computer and after fiddling around and testing everything, at the end of the day he hands you a long list of what’s wrong. But your computer’s still not working. Put the past away because visualization is about going forward and aiming for the very best. It doesn’t matter what went on in your life before, you can successfully reprogram your subconscious to achieve whatever you can imagine.


Confucius said ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs and expecting to reach the top in one bound is obviously going to be difficult if not impossible. As without, so within. Be realistic with your first goals because if you’re starting from base, then the shift in consciousness required to go from small apartment to country mansion, or shop assistant to department store owner in one big leap will understandably encounter some resistance and you may be tempted to give up. Don’t be. Simply adjust your goals because visualization done properly works every time.

Lottery jackpot winners can find themselves back at square one after a few years. A fool and his money are easily parted, as the the saying goes. But it’s not so much that they were foolish. It’s more often a case of not being able to adjust to a higher consciousness of wealthy living in a short space of time, because the underlying belief system was still saying ‘I am always poor’.

If you’ve always lived in a small house but would dearly love a larger one start by visualizing for maybe a four to five bedroom property in a really nice area instead of fifty bedrooms plus a swimming pool and acres of grounds.

Likewise if you want to start up your own business but the only experience you have is working as an employee on the shop floor, visualize for a promotion to manager. That way you’ll be getting some insight into how a business operates while you continue to build on your skills to get to your ultimate goal.

Doing things step by step, or even two or three steps at a time, depending on your motivation, builds your confidence exponentially and and before you know it you’ll be living your dreams. There are no limits.

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