Visualization - Reasons to Think Again

First of all, what exactly is visualization ?

If I say ‘think of a banana’ what happens in your mind? Now you may or may not love bananas but you will get a fleeting image of a banana. You may also, in the same nano-second get a fleeting image of your fruit bowl on the table which may just have bananas in it, or your mind may swiftly take you to where you shop for bananas – your local supermarket perhaps and the precise shelf where you know they are displayed. All of this happens so fast we don’t really consider it to be visualization.

But it is. And all of us do this all the time regardless of where we are or what is happening around us.

The subconscious mind does not recognize words. Humans have invented words to communicate and describe as best we can what we are thinking or feeling to other humans. Your subconscious is just like your computer. When you push a button a certain thing happens. That’s the reason we so often seem to repeat the same mistakes or behaviour over and over again and then think of ourselves as unlucky or worse, imagine we are being punished for something.

Visualization Is Just Imagery

The subconscious mind works with images. It doesn’t care what the image is or if the image is good or bad or, even evil. It absolutely does not make judgements or moralize – we do the judgement and moral bit with our emotions. The subconscious simply fixes on the vision we have emotionally identified with and accepts that is what we want. In our example above of the banana, the feeling behind the image is a ‘take it or leave it’ kind of emotion. Most of us don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about bananas, but we have unwittingly accumulated a huge amount of baggage about ourselves which often sabotages our efforts at visualization.

That’s why, if we’re visualizing to bring something into our lives it is very important to be very precise and absolutely clear about what it is we want. It's also just as important to know how we see or visualize ourselves. If you’re trying to attract a loving soulmate for instance and despite your best efforts at visualization all you seem to keep getting are the ‘rejects’ out there who treat you badly and then dump you, take a deeper look at how you feel about yourself.

Essentially when you’re looking for a soulmate to share your life you are looking for love, and if the image in your subconscious is identifying love with ‘not very attractive’ or ‘not worthy’ and ‘not lovable’ then you most likely will attract unworthy people who are not very loving.

Like resonates with like just like the musical note ‘C’ on a tuning fork resonates with the note ‘C’ on a piano. We tend to feel discomfort or discord if we find ourselves in the company of people we do not resonate with.

We’ve all come across someone saying ‘Cor, he really fancies himself’ or ‘Blimey she’s so full of herself – who does she think she is’. In the same moment, the person saying those things instantaneously performs a subconscious comparison and ‘sees’ themselves as lesser, less confident, less attractive (I could never be like that). And then in the same nano-second somehow equates being ‘lesser’ with being ‘better’. ‘I would never flaunt myself like that’ or ‘I would never be so vain’.

And so the subconscious carefully files away the image that lesser equals better and every time you decide to be ‘better’ at something the universe will gently remind you of your belief.

Many people have an underlying uncomfortable notion about loving themselves and we often associate self love with arrogance or vanity. From a young age we have always been taught to love and care for others, that we ourselves are secondary and it is unbecoming to put yourself first. That is not to say that we should suddenly stop caring for others or ignoring their needs. But Love is energy just like everything else in our universe and we cannot give to anyone else that which we don’t have. A mother or father saying ‘I love you’ to the child is not the same as saying ‘I love myself’ or ‘I love who I am’.

If your relationships are not all you would wish then a good place to start with visualization would be on yourself. Change can happen very fast and you’ll be amazed with the results.

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