Weight-Loss - The Science

Why isn't your weight-loss diet working as promised?

Because there's no such thing as a successful diet

You’ve come to the conclusion you need to lose a bit, well..er..ok…. a lot, of weight, because exposing all the flab that seems to have landed on you over the years is not part of the plan you had in mind for the beach holiday this summer.

You’ve cut out everything with more than 1 per cent fat and all those sugary items like doughnuts and choccy cakes have been relegated to the ‘no no’ list. In a flush of enthusiasm you’ve signed up at the local gym for a twice weekly workout for perfect muscles to go with new ‘soon to be’ slim figure.

Brilliant. After only three days you’ve lost 3 lbs already. So far so good then.

So why do I say there is no such thing as a successful diet?

Because research and dozens of surveys show that weight-loss following a drastically altered diet is almost always temporary. Moreover two thirds of the people who went on a diet to lose weight were found to have gained weight, when surveyed again one year later.

So how do we gain weight by dieting?

What actually happens to cause the rapid weight-loss in the first few days is that our body off loads a lot of water by using up its store of emergency fuel – glucose. Glucose is stored in water and as it’s used up so the body sheds any surplus liquid resulting in the instant weight-loss.

As we continue with the diet our body is forced to dip into fat supplies and the weight-loss continues but now at a painstakingly slow pace. Our subconscious sends an ‘alarm’ signal to the brain saying ‘help – supplies are not being replaced ’, to which the brain promptly responds with a ‘famine alert’ message to the fat cells which in turn zap into preservation mode (just in case) and reduce the energy available to us. Feeling listless?

Never mind. we’re on a roll so we plough on confidently pushing aside the hunger pangs cropping up annoyingly just as we’re walking past the local bakery or burger bar.

With reduced energy available to us, waking up tired in the morning becomes routine with a noticable fatigue that quickly impacts on our mood. We become edgy and irritable. Going to the gym twice a week doesn’t seem such a good idea anymore.

Eventually, washed out and feeling not a little miserable, we give in to the craving for that instant carbohydrate boost and before you can say cream bun, we’re back to square one plus a little bit extra for good measure.

And with a reinforced sense of failure and low self-image we settle back into our comfortable eating habits - till the next diet.

In the contest between the subconscious mind (beliefs) and will-power (ego), the subconscious mind will always be the winner.

Why does the subconscious sabotage our attempts at weight-loss?

If you’ve ever embarked on a weight-loss program chances are that you’ve tried one or more of the fashionable diet plans readily touted in magazines, TV or the many books that promote their own recipes.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are different variations of nutrition programs which are totally alien to the lifestyle most overweight people follow. Healthy eating right? As most of us inherently detest change, and doggedly cling to comfort foods in times of stress, it is not surprising that our subconscious throws a wobbly when it senses we're not acting as normal.

Or to put it another way, if the enjoyment of healthy and nutritious food was a built-in part of our everyday lifestyle, we wouldn’t need to be looking at diets for weight-loss would we?

Whether we indulge in comfort eating, snacking because we’re stressed or simply got caught up in a vicious cycle of diet and binge, there are as many reasons as there are people why our subconscious rebels. Re-programming the subconscious to change long held negative habits is a tried and tested and truly effective way to achieve the permanent weight-loss so many of us long for.

Apply the Science. Enlist your subconscious to achieve weight-loss effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle? – permanently.

Why would you choose to struggle with sheer brute determination and will power when all you need to do is listen to music?

Eldon Taylor started InnerTalk in 1984 and developed a patented system of brain entrainment that works in different ways on the right and left brain hemispheres to bypass the negative processes in our subconscious which so often thwart our best efforts at change. There is nothing magical about the technology - it's not subliminal so you can use it while driving for instance - and it works whether you believe in it or not.. so..

If you want to..

  • lose weight effortlessly
  • Walk straight past the sweets and cakes as you no longer feel even the slightest desire for them
  • Notice yourself being drawn to healthier foods like salads and fresh fruit
  • Become aware that you are eating less without even trying
  • Enjoy the bonus of increased confidence in your new self-image as the weight steadily falls away – for good
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      Happy eating.



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